The PLANT!T 48mm Round Neoprene Clone Collar allows for aeroponic cloning by putting the cutting in the slit in the middle of the collar. The slit from the centre allows inserting and removing the cutting with ease.

Diameter: 48 – 50mm / 12.7mm deep

Neoprene Discs (Neoprene Collars, Neoprene Inserts, Clone Collars) fit inside net pots and are used to support plants growing in Hydroponic or Aeroponic Systems.

Some growers prefer neoprene discs over plastic lids because they can place the stem of a new cutting into the slit of the insert so that the cutting doesn’t slide down or move.

Neoprene Discs are used to support your cuttings for true medium free growing. They fit perfectly in the top of the Net Pots and firmly keep your cuttings upright and stable while their aeroponic roots begin to form. The pots are suspended below the top tray and a fine mist of water and nutrient is constantly sprayed around the base of the plants. This misting stimulates fast growth as the roots are encouraged to grow out to access the water and nutrient. The plants have superb access to oxygen and plants are typically ready to transplant after just 7 to 10 days They can easily be removed from your cuttings once the time comes to transplant them into your main growing system.

A tough synthetic rubber that is resistant to the effects of aging, heat, and weather.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 6 cm


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