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5 Ton Rosin Press BulldogPress S110 DripTech

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Get maximum rosin extraction and terpene preservation with the Bulldog 5 Ton Rosin Press! Built in South Africa for strength & durability with high quality materials. Bulldog presses provides a lifetime Guarantee on the frame of the press and a 1 year electronic and hydraulic guarantee.
Make your own high quality rosin extractions easily.
Includes a free starter pack!

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5 Ton Rosin Press BulldogPress S110 DripTech:

Introducing the new 5 Ton Rosin Press DripTech model, now comes with improved Hydraulic system and a Lever that can change normal pressing into a DripTech system. Allowing this action of gravity makes collecting rosin much easier and gets the rosin away from the heat plates faster, to preserve the terpenes. Too much heat on the terpenes can be damaging and quality will be less potent.

A free starter kit is included:
Few Rosin Filters
Few Parchment Papers
Silicone Dab Container
Dabbing Tool

If you are looking for the 20 ton: 20 ton Rosin Press

How to use the Rosin Press:

Allow heat plates to warm up to desired temperature.
Put your product in the middle of the heating plates.
Tighten knob on the bottom of the Bottle Jack.
Slowly start pressing the heating plates together at a +- 30% strength, allowing terpenes to slowly melt.
While waiting, pull out the lever then tilt the press till it is resting comfortably on the lever.
Place a silicone mat or parchment paper under the plates to collect rosin.
Continue pressing for desired time period.

Instruction manual: Instruction manual for the 5 ton rosin press


Lifetime Guarantee from Bulldog Presses on the Frame of the Press.
1 year electronic and hydraulic guarantee from Bulldog Presses.

Height 380mm
Width 110mm
Breath 190mm
Weight 18kg

Powder Coated, Laser cut (10mm and face plate 8mm) Thick Steel

6082 CNC Aluminium Duel Heated Plates
Height 28mm
Width 110mm
Breath 90mm
Duel Heated Plates
250V / 150W

1 x PID Temperature Controller ITC-106
Supply Voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 5VA
Display Code High lamination LED
Display Accuracy +-0.2%FS0.1°C/°F(≤1000°C/°F) ; 1°C/°F(≥1000°C/°F)

Its all about pressing Rosin

This solven-free concentrate processing method has proven to be not only convenient and safe, but almost instantaneous thereby influencing a surge of innovation in the wake of rising demand.

Using butane or ethanol for Rosin extractions are both time consuming and dangerous. Rosin production requires only two mechanisms, heat and pure pressure. This method of extraction yields a pure and consumable product in a matter of minutes.


Different Micron Bags we have:
Rosin Press 36 Micron Filter Bags pack of 10
Rosin Press 90 Micron Filter Bags pack of 10
Rosin Press 160 Micron Filter Bags pack of 10

Pressing paper:
Silicone Paper for Pressing pack of 10
Parchment Paper for Pressing pack of 20

Rosin Presses:
Bulldog 5 ton Rosin Press
Bulldog 20 ton Rosin Press


Example 1 Cannabis


  • Step 1: In our examples we used Cannabis in the first Slide show, and we are using Small 90 micron bags for both examples. Fill the screen filter bag with the plant material you would like to press.

  • Step 2: In the example we only used 5g of Cannabis, you can add much more. Manually Pre-press (place on a flat surface and press the plant material down with the palm of your hand) the Cannabis. Add Parchment paper to the press and first preheat press before use.

  • Step 3:  Cut Screen filter bag to have a neat fold up at the end.

  • Step 4: Insert the Screen filter bag into the press.

  • Step 5: Use the handle to press the material, once slightly compressed. Every minute for 4-6 minutes raise and lower the handle once until unable to push down with 2 fingers.

  • Step 6: You will hear a slight crackling noise coming from the compressed Cannabis shortly after that, you will see quality Rosin flowing out onto the parchment paper.

  • Step 7: Take out the parchment paper with all the Rosin and let it cool. Please note that Rosin cools faster depending on room temperature, in most cases it will take 3 minutes to cool.

  • Step 8: Use a Dab Tool to jab the rosin off the parchment paper. And Finally enjoy your Rosin.


Example 2 Rosemary


  • Step 1: In the example we are using only 2g of Rosemary but you can use much more than the example, Pack the rosemary into the 90 micron screen filter.

  • Step 2: Manually press the Rosemary down so that it is compressed at the bottom of the screen. Cut the remaining screen paper and fold the top so that the rosemary is closed inside.

  • Step 3: Insert the screen filter bag into the press and press down until the compressed rosemary cant move. Every minute for 4-6 minutes raise and lower the handle once until unable to push down with 2 fingers.

  • Step 4: With plant material similar to rosemary the liquid will rush out like water, if you want the most out of your yield, you may use both hands to pull the handle of the Bulldog press, the frame will be able to withstand the pressure and you will have a rush of rosemary water run out.

  • Step 5: Have a container on the ready to collect the Rosemary water, once the press has been maxed, you may take the parchment paper and collect the remaining droplets, a reminder that this is only from 2g of rosemary; a lot more can be compressed into our screens.


SkullSkreens is in association with Bulldog Presses and proudly South African.

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 46 × 32 × 16 cm

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