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Artichoke – Violetta – Heirloom Seeds

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Ornamental and edible, this heirloom from Northern Italy produces fat fleshy hearts that are both decorative and delicious. Harvest increases eight fold from year one to year two.

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The purple flower buds of ‘Violetta’ are considered to be the best eating form of artichoke, while the arching silver leaves create a striking garden statement. This dual purpose plant is the perfect addition to the permaculture garden. Produces up to 8 main buds as well as dozens of baby ‘chokes throughout the season. Harvest 2-3 buds per plant in the first year and 16-32 the next year. Can be cut back hard after harvest.

How to grow

Artichokes prefer a sunny position in a well-drained soil. Plants should flower in their first year. If grown from seed, expect flowers in the second year. Sow seed in punnets or trays and germinate between 20-23°C. Seed is slow to germinate taking 2-3 weeks. Pot up as required and transplant into the garden after all likelihood of frost has passed. Avoid waterlogging in winter and humidity in summer. Cut back in autumn to around 30cm, leaving 4-6 of the strongest shoots to grow next spring. Can be grown as an annual. For the best hearts, harvest the buds in spring when the stem below the bud is still pliable. The stem is also delicious peeled and cooked.

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