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Basil – Holy Tulsi – Heirloom Seeds

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Very fragrant basil with green leaves and purple stems widespread in Southeast Asia. Called tulsi by the Hindus for whom it is sacred, it is used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurvedic). In Thailand, it is known as kaphrao and is used in cooking for its spicy taste (unlike Thai basil, which is rather sweet and aniseed-flavored). A plant with medicinal virtues, it is also used in infusions for its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, soothing properties, etc. Although it belongs to a different family of basil than the other basilisks of our selection (ocimum sanctum vs ocimum basilicum), it is nevertheless cultivated like them.

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Sowing season



Growing tips

Germination conditions:

  • depth of sowing: 2.5 mm or on the surface (no covering of soil)
  • optimal temperature for germination: 18 to 22ºC
  • time for germination: 7 to 21 days

When to sow:

  • indoor sowing 4 to 6 weeks before the last date in your area
  • direct seeding after any risk of frost, when the soil is warmed up

Sowing technique: in pocket

Inside the same hole, sow 3 to 5 seeds spaced 1 to 2 cm apart; when the seeds have germinated and the seedlings have reached a height of 5 cm, keep all the plants if space is available or keep only the best plants.

  • for indoor seedlings: transplant into individual containers while waiting for transplanting in the garden
  • for direct seedlings: transplant to their final location in the garden

Transplanting outdoors (for seedlings started indoors):

  • When all risk of frost is removed

Distance in the garden:

  • between plants: 25 cm
  • between rows: 45 cm

Height of the plants: 45 cm

Soil: rich and well drained

Exposure: sun

Days to harvest (from sowing): 75 days, but younger leaves can be harvested (after +/- 35 days). To stimulate the branching of the plant and delay the flowering, harvest the basil shoots by pinching the heads of the stems with your fingers.

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