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Bay Seeds 5th Gen Fighter Auto Fem 3 Seed Pack

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The 5th Gen Fighter Feminised Autoflower from Bay Seeds is a hard-hitting Indica dominant strain reaching THC 22% plus levels.
Top Gun Autoflower (Atlas Seeds) and GMO Autoflower (Atlas Seeds) were crossed to give this strain the powerful punch with a sweet, gas, candy and fuel terps. Easy to grow, very versatile and good yields.
Comes in a pack of three seeds.

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Strain: 5th Gen Fighter
Genetics: Top Gun Autoflower (Atlas Seeds) x GMO Autoflower (Atlas Seeds)
Breeder: Bay Seeds
Sex: Feminized
Flowering Type: Autoflower
Variety: Indica Dominant
Flowering Time: 65 to 75 days from seed.
Where to Grow: Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Taste / Flavour: Sweet, Gas, Candy, Fuel
Plant Height: Average
THC Content: 22%+
Yield: High

Introducing a remarkable and captivating genetic strain, available as individual seeds, bred by the renowned Bay Seeds. This feminized variety is an Indica-dominant powerhouse that promises an exceptional experience. Prepare to be enchanted by its exquisite genetics—a fusion of the renowned Top Gun autoflower from Atlas Seeds and the GMO autoflower, also from Atlas Seeds.

One of the key advantages of this strain is its autoflowering nature, ensuring a hassle-free cultivation process. From the moment you sow the seed, expect to witness the transformation of this extraordinary strain in just 65 to 75 days. It’s a delight for both novice and seasoned growers.

Versatility is one of its distinguishing features, as it thrives in various environments. Whether you prefer indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor cultivation, this strain adapts effortlessly. The possibilities are endless.

Prepare your taste buds for a journey of indulgence. This genetic masterpiece offers a delectable flavor profile that combines the sweetness of candy with hints of gas and fuel. It’s a truly unique and satisfying sensation.

In terms of plant height, expect a respectable average. This strain strikes a perfect balance, making it suitable for growers with different space limitations. It’s an adaptable strain that accommodates various setups.

Boasting a THC content of 22% or higher, this strain offers a potent and deeply satisfying experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Each session promises an elevated journey, transcending boundaries and heightening your senses.

Furthermore, get ready to revel in abundant harvests. The yield from this genetic marvel is impressively high, rewarding your efforts with bountiful results. Your hard work will be duly recognized.

In conclusion, this genetic strain from Bay Seeds is a testament to their expertise and dedication. With its exceptional genetics, delightful flavor, versatile growth options, and substantial yields, it’s a must-have for cannabis connoisseurs. Embark on a journey with this strain and let it captivate your senses.

Seeds are used at one’s own discretion for souvenirs or for private adult use in the privacy of one’s own home. By placing an order you confirm that you are of legal age of 18 years or older and agree to comply with the applicable laws of your country. With the order, the customer declares that he/she knows and Grow Folk does not take responsibility.

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