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Bay Seeds Top Cheese Auto Fem 3 Seed Pack

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The Top Cheese Fem Auto strain by Bay Seeds is a feminized, auto-flowering cannabis variety that stands out for its distinctive cheese flavor, a characteristic highly appreciated by cheese strain enthusiasts. This strain combines the rapid flowering benefits of auto-flowering genetics with the unique taste and aroma profiles of the cheese lineage. It is designed to offer a balance of indica and sativa effects, along with a medium plant height, making it suitable for a variety of growing environments. The THC content is high, ensuring a potent effect, and it yields generously under optimal conditions.

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Top Cheese Fem Auto

Strain name: Top Cheese Auto Fem

Breeder: Bay Seeds

Sex: Feminized

Variety: Indica Dominant

Strain Genetics: Top Gun autoflower from Atlas seeds crossed with Cheese autoflower from Fastbuds

Flowering Type: Autoflower

Flowering Time: 65 to 75 days from seed. Where to Grow: Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor Taste / Flavour: Cheese, skunk, sweat.

Plant Height: Average

THC Content: 24%+

Yield: High


Introducing Top Cheese Auto Fem, an exceptional strain crafted by renowned breeder Bay Seeds. This feminized, indica-dominant variety is the result of a masterful genetic combination. Bay Seeds crossed the esteemed Top Gun autoflower from Atlas Seeds with the tantalizing Cheese autoflower from Fastbuds, resulting in a truly remarkable cannabis creation.

Top Cheese Auto Fem showcases the best of both parents, boasting an autoflowering trait that allows for ease and convenience in cultivation. With a rapid flowering time of 65 to 75 days from seed, growers can expect an accelerated harvest. Whether you prefer indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor cultivation, this strain thrives in various environments.

One of the highlights of Top Cheese Auto Fem is its delectable taste and flavor profile. Expect a delightful fusion of cheese, skunk, and sweat, which tantalize the senses and leave a lasting impression. With a THC content surpassing 24%, this strain offers a potent and euphoric experience, perfect for both recreational and medicinal users.

In terms of plant height, Top Cheese Auto Fem reaches an average stature, making it suitable for growers with limited space. However, don’t let its modest height fool you—this strain boasts a high yield, ensuring bountiful harvests of top-quality buds.

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