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Bio-Cop Natural Fungicide

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Bio-Cop Natural Fungicide
Targets a wide variety of fungal issues and diseases with plants.

Copper and Sulfur have been used for decades as preventative measure to control fungal growth and some bacterial diseases. By applying Copper and Sulfur, an inhospitable layer is formed on the crop, reducing the likelihood of serious infestation. Both Copper and Sulfur are not broken down on the crop, but carried away mechanically by washing action of rain and irrigation water.

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Copper oxide and sulphur

Target Diseases:

Alternaria spot Black spot Powdery mildew
Anthracnose Downy mildew Rust
Ascochyta leaf spot Early blight Scab
Bacterial blight Melanose Septoria leaf spot
Bacterial canker Navel-end rot Soybean rust
Bacterial spot Necrostoma Stem rot


150g to 400G Bio-Cop per 100L Water
or 15g to 40g Bio-Cop per 10L Water
or 1.5g to 4g Bio-Cop per 1L Water

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Bio_Cop Size

500g, 4kg

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