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Bio Ganic All Purpose

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Bio Ganic All Purpose is a unique blend of the highest quality organic fertiliser and natural minerals,
specifically formulated for the most effective and safe feeding of all your garden plants.

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• Organic and environmentally friendly.
• Pelletised for slow, consistent release of nutrients and easy application.
• pH Neutral.
• Pathogen free with no germs, mould or bacteria.
• Water-wise.
• Child & pet friendly.
• Does not burn.


One handful of All Purpose is approximately 50 grams

Apply two handfuls per square metre every 6 to 8 weeks.
Apply ten handfuls per tree for each year of the tree’s age (up to 2.5kg) every 10 to 12 weeks.
Apply one to two handfuls per plant every 10 to 12 weeks.
Apply half a handful, depending on the size of the pot. Work into the top layer of soil.

Active Ingredients g/kg:

Element Amount Element Amount
N 26 Mn 0.61
P 18 Cu 0.06
K 33 B 0.05
S 10 Mo 0.005
Ca 36 C 115
Mg 7 Humic Acid 54
Fe 5 Fulvic Acid 116
Zn 0.54

Reg. No. Act 36 0f 1947. B4844

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Dimensions N/A
Atlantic Weight

10kg, 20kg, 40kg, 5kg

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