This is a natural product made from a blend of vegetable juices and a carbon source fermented by Trichoderma spp and contains no artificial additives.

Mode of Action

The metabolites of Trichoderma spp have been found to directly inhibit the growth and pathogenic activities of plant
parasites and also increase disease resistance by triggering the defence mechanisms in the host plant. These metabolites
also enhance plant growth which enables the plant to counteract the disease with compensatory vegetative growth
of roots and shoots. These effects can then be compared to immunization which can be measured by an increase in
Brix, that is a higher sugar content of the plant sap. Higher yield, improved shelve life and more palatable produce are
signs of a healthier plant.
An overdose of Bio-Impilo can be phytotoxic. Working with Bio-Impilo to achieve high vitality requires measuring
and keeping track of the plant sap Brix.

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1L, 250ml


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