Boost Pot Round has been designed to deliver maximum performance, whilst offering reasonable transportability and durability.


Boost® Pot Unique Design Features

Excellent Drainage & Root Ventilation

  • More than 45 holes in the bottom of the container allow for even drainage and prevent wet zones.
  • The 6 slots of 5x50mm on all four sides prevent roots from becoming pot-bound and boosts drainage and oxygen uptake.

Elevated Design Prevents Soil and Water Contamination

  • The 3cm high & 4x4cm wide stand allows for a steady elevated container stand.
  • The elevated stand prevents any possible contact with pathogens such as Phytophthora and Bacterial Canker through water or soil.

Unique Top Slots For Irrigation Pipes & Wire Slots

  • The elevated pipes reduces water temperature inline on hot summer days.
  • The wire slots allow for up to 3mm steel wire to steadfast the containers to prevent toppling over. The industry first grey colour option prevents heat build-up in the container ensures a cooler root zone and increased berry production & quality.

Unique Stacking Design

  • Our patented Boost pots are safe and easy to store and transport owing to the carefully crafted easy to stack design of the pots.
Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 31 cm


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