Boost Pot Square has been designed to deliver maximum performance, whilst offering excellent transportability and durability.

Boost® Pot Unique Design Features:
Squat square design with large diameter feet ensures a steady container
25L volume is optimal for long term berry production
Unique drainage design allows for optimum drainage and root growth
Elevated pot design prevents disease contamination via soil and water
Elevated concave design allows for optimum airflow and oxygen uptake

Excellent Drainage & Root VentilationThese pots have a concaved base featuring 52 (10mm) holes at the base of the container which aids in drainage and preventing wet zones. It has 6 slots along all four sides of the pot which helps with aeration of medium and boosts drainage.

Elevated Design Prevents Soil & Water Contamination

The 3cm high elevation and 4x4cm wide stands allows for a steady elevated container stand. It prevents contacts with pathogens as well as allows optimum airflow and increased rootzone health.

Unique Top Slots for Irrigation Pipes & Wire Slots.

22mm top slots on all sides allow for elevated irrigation pipe positioning and for SCROG or support rods.


  • Elevated pipes reduce water temperature inline during hot days or in a warmer climate area.
  • Have less chance of being damaged.
  • Elevated pipes reduce the length of spaghetti tubes by 50%
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 33 cm


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