Buffer solutions are used to calibrate pH meters, monitors and controllers.
Use pH 4 & pH 7, or pH 10 Buffer Solution for a 2 or 3 point calibration scale.
This will give an accurate range of measurement that for your equipment.
Suitable for all pH Meters.
Ideal for Hydroponics, Aquariums, Aquaponics and Pools.

Reported values are accurate to +/- 0.01 pH at 25 °C

You will generally need more than one buffer for calibration.
The first will be a “neutral” buffer with a pH of 7, and the second should be near the expected sample pH, either a pH of 4 or 10. Buffers with a higher pH (10) are best for measuring bases, whereas buffers with a low pH (4) are best for measuring acidic samples.
Once you have chosen your buffers allow them to reach the same temperature as the pH meter because pH readings are temperature dependent.
Pour your buffers into individual beakers for calibration.
Discard the buffer when you are finished. Do not return it to its

Handle with care.
Store in cool, dark place.
Keep away from children.

pH4 size

250ML, 500ML, 1L


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