For optimal results, it’s recommended temporarily switching off air extractors while the tablets work their magic. By allowing the CO2 Tabs to dissolve undisturbed, your plants can fully capitalize on the enriched CO2 environment.
To ensure the effectiveness, apply CO2 Tabs right after turning on your grow lights, in sync with your plants’ active period. Beware that introducing CO2 during dark periods or shortly before them will yield less benefits, as plants are incapable of absorption during these phases.



Hhydroponic systems: Directly in the tank it is enough to dissolve 1 tablet per 5 liters of watering.
Root Absorption: Gently crush one tablet into a 5L nutrient solution and administer as part of your regular fertilisation routine.
Leaf Absorption: Dissolve one tablet in a cup of water for every two plants, positioning it as close to your plants as possible. In hydroponic setups, directly dissolve the tablets into the reservoir while adhering to the same guidelines.

Apply CO2 Boost Tabs three times per week, ideally at the onset of the daytime cycle. Witness the gradual but impactful transformation as your plants thrive in their enriched CO2 environment.

The risk of overdosing with CO2 Tabs is no issue. Regardless of the dosage, the tablets are will be harmless and beneficial, ensuring your plants receive additional CO2.

Can be used alone or with CO2 cylinder. Equivalent to 50% of a C02 cylinder.


Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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