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Cover Crop Seed with Red Clover, White Clover and Alfalfa Lucerne

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Our blend of Red Clover, White Clover, and Alfalfa Lucerne seeds offers an exceptional solution for sustainable agriculture and gardening needs. This mix serves as an excellent ground cover, providing a dense barrier against weeds, and as a natural mulch, it helps in retaining soil moisture and temperature regulation. The deep-rooting nature of these plants enhances soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, enriching the soil for future crops. Additionally, this combination is adept at deterring certain pests while attracting beneficial insects, promoting a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem in your garden or field. Ideal for farmers and gardeners seeking an eco-friendly approach to soil management and pest control.
Cover crop seed various pack sizes available: 30g, 150g, 750g

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Cover crop seed

How to plant:

Sow seeds and cover lightly. Water the
area thoroughly. Keep the soil moist, not
waterlogged. Germination typically
occurs within 7-14 days at 19 – 26’C.

Pack contains:

Red Clover Seed
White Clover Seed
Lucerne Aurora

Pack sizes:
10g pack: 3x 10g of each
150g pack: 3x 50g of each
750g pack: 3x 250g of each

Weight N/A
Pack size:

30g, 150g, 750g

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