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Dip&Root 500ml Growth Stimulating Hormone Solution

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Dip&Root™ is a growth stimulating hormone solution designed to promote quick and robust root growth in plant cuttings. The product contains Indole-3 Butyric Acid (IBA) as the active ingredient, which is a synthetic auxin that aids in the development of new roots, and Napthyl Acetic Acid (NAA). The two active ingredients work together to enhance the rooting of the cutting and to promote vegetative growth. In other words, the cutting is pushed from the bottom and pulled from the top to promote maximum growth.

Dip&Root™ is commonly used in the fruit tree industry, forestry, rose growers and in general nurseries. It is suitable for a variety of plants, including those that are difficult to propagate by cuttings. The solution can be used on both woody and herbaceous plants, and it is particularly effective for hardwood cuttings. The IBA concentration in the solution helps the cutting to establish roots quickly and more abundantly, leading to faster growth and better overall health of the plant.

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Benefits Of Using  A Liquid Growth Regulating Hormone Concentration When Propagating Plant Cuttings:

✓ Stimulated Growth: Liquid growth regulating hormones can stimulate growth and development, leading to improved plant size and vigor.

✓ Improved Yield: Liquid growth regulating hormones can improve the yield of crops, leading to increased production and profitability.

✓ Enhanced Quality: Liquid growth regulating hormones can improve the quality of plants, leading to stronger stems, more robust foliage, and increased resistance to stress and disease.

✓ Better Flowering and Fruiting: Liquid growth regulating hormones can promote flowering and fruiting in plants, leading to improved yields and better quality produce.

✓ Customizable Concentration: Liquid growth regulating hormones are available in a variety of concentrations, allowing gardeners and growers to choose the right level of hormone to suit their specific needs and plant types.

✓ Versatile Application: Liquid growth regulating hormones can be used on a wide range of plant species, including woody shrubs, flowering plants, fruits, and vegetables.

By using a liquid growth regulating hormone concentration, like Dip&Root™, plants can take advantage of these benefits, leading to improved growth, yield, and quality.

Use & Applications

Dip&Root™ is easy to use, and should be used as directed below:

  • Shake before use, and only mix as required
  • To use Dip&Root™, simply dip the cutting in the solution and then plant it in soil or a rooting medium.
  • For Softwood Cuttings: Mix 20 parts of water with 1 part of Dip&Root™
  • For Semi-hardwood Cuttings: Mix 10 parts of water with 1 part of Dip&Root™
  • For Hardwood Cuttings: Mix 5 parts of water with 1 part of Dip&Root™

Important points to remember when applying Dip&Root™ to your cuttings:

  • Dip&Root™ is suited to softwood to hardwood plant cuttings,  and the correct concentrations should be mixed for each type of cutting (See above mixing indications)
  • Overstimulation may injure the cutting, under stimulation from too weak a stimulant may give no beneficial result. Refer to the recommended list of plants.
  • The size of the cutting should be governed by the species and method of propagation, i.e. softwood, semi-hardwood, or hardwood.
  • Lateral shoots from the current year’s growth are usually the most reliable and are best taken at a node or joint, or at the base of a shoot, and with the lower leaves removed.
  • Suitable rooting media include:
    • Sand
    • Sand & peat
    • Sand, peat & loam
  • Gentle bottom heat in the rooting medium will improve and hasten the effect of the rooting hormone if the plants are naturally dormant or the growth is slow.
  • Cuttings consisting of the shoots of deciduous plants (plants or trees that seasonally shed leaves), normally strike best if taken about 3 to 6 months after the new season’s growth commences.
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