Benefits Of Using  A Liquid Growth Regulating Hormone Concentration When Propagating Plant Cuttings:

✓ Stimulated Growth: Liquid growth regulating hormones can stimulate growth and development, leading to improved plant size and vigor.

✓ Improved Yield: Liquid growth regulating hormones can improve the yield of crops, leading to increased production and profitability.

✓ Enhanced Quality: Liquid growth regulating hormones can improve the quality of plants, leading to stronger stems, more robust foliage, and increased resistance to stress and disease.

✓ Better Flowering and Fruiting: Liquid growth regulating hormones can promote flowering and fruiting in plants, leading to improved yields and better quality produce.

✓ Customizable Concentration: Liquid growth regulating hormones are available in a variety of concentrations, allowing gardeners and growers to choose the right level of hormone to suit their specific needs and plant types.

✓ Versatile Application: Liquid growth regulating hormones can be used on a wide range of plant species, including woody shrubs, flowering plants, fruits, and vegetables.

By using a liquid growth regulating hormone concentration, like Dip&Root™, plants can take advantage of these benefits, leading to improved growth, yield, and quality.

Use & Applications

Dip&Root™ is easy to use, and should be used as directed below:

  • Shake before use, and only mix as required
  • To use Dip&Root™, simply dip the cutting in the solution and then plant it in soil or a rooting medium.
  • For Softwood Cuttings: Mix 20 parts of water with 1 part of Dip&Root™
  • For Semi-hardwood Cuttings: Mix 10 parts of water with 1 part of Dip&Root™
  • For Hardwood Cuttings: Mix 5 parts of water with 1 part of Dip&Root™

Important points to remember when applying Dip&Root™ to your cuttings:

  • Dip&Root™ is suited to softwood to hardwood plant cuttings,  and the correct concentrations should be mixed for each type of cutting (See above mixing indications)
  • Overstimulation may injure the cutting, under stimulation from too weak a stimulant may give no beneficial result. Refer to the recommended list of plants.
  • The size of the cutting should be governed by the species and method of propagation, i.e. softwood, semi-hardwood, or hardwood.
  • Lateral shoots from the current year’s growth are usually the most reliable and are best taken at a node or joint, or at the base of a shoot, and with the lower leaves removed.
  • Suitable rooting media include:
    • Sand
    • Sand & peat
    • Sand, peat & loam
  • Gentle bottom heat in the rooting medium will improve and hasten the effect of the rooting hormone if the plants are naturally dormant or the growth is slow.
  • Cuttings consisting of the shoots of deciduous plants (plants or trees that seasonally shed leaves), normally strike best if taken about 3 to 6 months after the new season’s growth commences.
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