Cold Water Lime Pasteurization, is a cheap and effective low-tech way to prepare substrates for growing mushrooms. This type of substrate treatment is easy for most people to do at home. It’s even used by some small-scale commercial mushroom growing operations that want a low-tech, cheap and effective way to pasteurize straw.

The overall process is very similar to growing mushrooms on straw with heat pasteurization, the only difference is to replace heat with lime. Use 20 grams of hydrated lime per 10 liter s of water. Simply add the appropriate amount of lime to cold water, mix and add your substrate like straw. Leave the straw to soak for 18 – 24 hours and it is ready to be drained and inoculated.


  • Low tech, simple and easy
  • Cheap and energy efficient as you don’t need heat
  • Effective and reliable pasteurization method for oyster mushrooms
  • Allows you to pasteurize large quantities of substrate
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