Hydrogen Peroxide
Composition: H₂O₂
Concetration: 50%

Bleaching Agent for Removing Stains without Damaging the Fabric or Colours.
Also used as bleaching agent in foods, textiles, and personal care products; oxidant in wastewater treatment.
Catalyst. Used in analytical chemistry for trace metal analysis.
A 90% solution is used in rocket propulsion.
Hydrogen peroxide is used in the manufacture of acetone, antichlor, antiseptics, benzoyl peroxide, buttons, disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, felt hats, plastic foam, rocket fuel, sponge rubber and pesticides. It is also used in bleaching bone, feathers, flour, fruit, fur, gelatin, glue, hair, ivory, silk, soap, straw, textiles, was, and wood pulp, and as an oxygen source in respiratory protective equipment.

Weight N/A
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250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L


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