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Jiffy-7 Plugs 41mm – pack of 8

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Add water and these awesome Jiffy plugs expand seven times in just a few minutes! They make the perfect seed starting plug, as they virtually eliminate root damage at transplant. Specially formulated with a peat based growing media to ensure good seedling growth.

Pack of 8x Jiffy-7 Plugs

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Jiffy 7 is a pressed peat plug for seeds and cuttings, shaped like a tablet, ideal for rooting your crops.
It is held together by a fine mesh, ensuring optimal air / water exchange.
Jiffy7 Peat Pellet is ideal for use with seed starting and cloning / propagation.

How does it work:
Just add water and the little wonder will grow up to seven times its size in a few moments.
Put the pellets in the seed tray or propagator.
Soak them in warm water, remove excess water.
Sow seeds or cuttings and place the tray in a bright place without ever letting them dry out.
When transplanting time comes, you can place the jiffy directly into the substrate, as the roots will grow through it.

Conductivity: 0.2mS / cm
pH: 6
Contains: Peat
Pack of 8x Jiffy-7 Plugs

More info and instructions from Jiffy: Jiffy-7 Pellets

Weight 0.156 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 6 cm

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