Jiffy Glue Plugs are made from a coco peat substrate known as preforma, which is a fully bound, extremely uniform substrate, forming a structure with hundreds of micro air pockets evenly distributed throughout the plug. This superior substrate structure holds water extremely well and the absence of a net around the plug allows the roots to develop optimally after potting.

48x Jiffy Glue Plugs (30mmx50mm) in a tray.
Please note these are dry and needs to be re-moistened.

If you get some white mould:
The white is a harmless fungi, so called bread fungi, this happens special with long transport in combination
with high temperature and humidity.
You have to keep in mind that preforma is moisture and a natural product.
The bacterial life is in the plug and show sometimes this fungi.
It is sometimes also Trichoderma….which stimulate the growth….
Again something natural, even stimulating growth.

Weight 1.386 kg
Dimensions 33 × 28 × 6 cm


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