Are you still worried about the lack of light in your indoor planting? -LED plant grow lamp perfectly solves your concerns:
For effective growth and health of plants, light is essential at every stage of development. If plants don’t get enough light they become weak and may even die. Even light emitted by windows may not be enough to the plant and the best solution is to grow the seedlings under LED or fluorescent grow lights.

– Plant growth lamp is equipped with a timer, which can be set according to plant needs 3 hours,9 hours,12 hours of working time. Note: the time setting, the light will be closed automatically after 3/9/12 hours and then you will need to manually open it.
– Indoor Plant Lamp is made up of red and blue light. Red light stimulates plant photosynthesis, germination, development, and results. Blue light helps plants absorb more energy to promote germination.
– Indoor Plant Light has a USB connector, strong clip design, easy to install anywhere in the home or the office.360 degrees adjustable gooseneck lamp can shine in any direction and can cover more widespread, provide energy for more plants.
– Eight adjustable brightness, can be adjusted according to plant needs, adjustable Plant Bulb can also reduce your energy output. Make plant lamps live longer.
– Suitable for indoor, flower shop and office plants. Accelerate the growth of potted plants, leaf plants, flowering plants and succulent plants.

What’s in the box:
1 x 20W LED Dual Head Timing Plant Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants
1x USB adapter
2x Manual


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