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Lentils Brown/Black Microgreens and Sprouting Seed 250G

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Lentils Brown/Black Seed:

Our versatile Lentil Seeds are perfect for growing hearty sprouts or microgreens. Packed with protein, they offer a mild, earthy flavour to complement a variety of dishes.

Seed pack 250g

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Lentil Sprouts: Brown and green lentil sprouts are great both for cooking and eating raw.

Before they start to sprout, lentils need to be soaked in water to be activated. That way the seed “wakes up” after getting a signal that it is the right time to germinate. Soak them in water for 8-12 hours at the room temperature.

After soaking, drain the water and rinse the lentils. Now, the most common way to start growing your sprouts would be to put the damp lentils inside a strainer.

Besides making it easier because you can now just rinse the sprouts in the same strainer, there are a few more pros to this method. Keeping the sprouts in the strainer allows a constant air flow, and keeping the strainer inside of a bigger bowl will keep them from loosing moisture.

Also, there will always be a few drops of water at the bottom of the bowl, which is good – the lentils will not be submerged, but this water will help with keeping some humidity in the air around the sprouts.

Your sprouts are ready to eat when they are about 1 cm (0.4 inch) long. You can keep them in the fridge and use in salads or cook in a sauce, make as a stew or add to a stir-fry.

Brown lentils are a good source of minerals such as iron, magnesium, and folate. They contain vitamins such as vitamin B6 and vitamin C.


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