With the LUMii BLACK contactor timer, grow light scheduling is easy and affordable, ensuring that plants receive the ideal levels of illumination throughout the day. The relay switch reliably turns on HID lights without generating a power surge or overloading the timer, while the mechanical timer is simple to program in 15-minute intervals.

The portable, flexible power bars can deliver up to 16 Amps; they can be programmed in increments of 15 minutes. • Prevents overloading or power surges; it saves money by eliminating the need to purchase a contact relay and timer separately. This is ideal for HID lighting.

Plugs: 5 South African 3-point plugs; maximum load: 16 amps; input: 220-274V; operating range: -15 to 40°C; IP24; manufactured in the UK; plugs: 16 amps; maximum load; South Africa operates on 220/230V

Simply put the ON/OFF switch in the middle and choose “timer” mode before pushing the timer pins down to indicate.01V periods.
Direct wall socket plugs are required for this device. This device should not be plugged into extension cords or adapters. Before disconnecting the device from the wall after turning it off, give any connected appliances some time to discharge.

Weight 0.97 kg
Dimensions 35 × 15 × 11 cm


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