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LUMii Black LED 720 Watts Grow Light

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The LUMii BLACK LED 720W 6 Bar Fixture produces full spectrum light ideal for both growth and bloom. Its PPF of 1870 µmol/s is superior to the PPF of typical 1000W HPS lamps and approaches that of 1000W double-ended HPS lamps. Owing to its construction the light distribution over the crop is more even, and the danger of scorching greatly reduced.

Important: Excludes power supply ballast
For light including ballast

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Super affordable and highly efficient LUMii Black LED 720 Watts Grow Light is the perfect full spectrum LED upgrade for any grower currently using a LUMii Black Ballast. Available with or without ballast – you the option to mount the ballast on the fixture or it can be positioned remotely outside the growing area.

Lightweight, efficient & value for money!

The 6-bar Full Spectrum LUMii LED 720 watt Grow Light uses an open construction design – this ensures that it’s heat output is low – which assists with the air management control in your growing area. Suitable for all stages of plant development the dimmable fixture is lightweight, the fixture can be set as low as 30-50cm above the canopy, and raised as your plants get bigger.

With the ability to provide uniformed full spectrum light at short distances from the plant canopy, makes the LUMii 720 Watt LED perfect for low ceiling grow rooms, or grow tents – emitting a Photon Efficacy 2.62µmol/J high and a PPF of 1870µmol/s, get ready for bigger yields!

  • Full spectrum LED
  • Light output PPF – 1870µmol/s
  • Efficacy – 2.62µmol/J
  • Variable ballast settings 250W, 400W, 600W, 600W Boost
  • Lifetime – L90 >50,000Hr
  • IP Rating – IP65
  • AV Input voltage – 130-160V
  • AC Input Frequency – 40–100 kHz
  • Weight (LED fixture only) – 7.8kg
  • Overall size in use – 110cm x 108cm x 5cm

    For light including ballast:

LUMii Black LED 720 Watts Grow Light and Ballast


Q: Why should I choose LED lighting rather than HID lighting?

A: The advantages of LED are clear. There is little heat output from LED lights, and so heat management is much simpler. Also, the power consumed relative to the light output is far less with an LED fixture than with a HID lamp. With some types of LED light, the spectrum is adjustable to suit either grow or bloom, which is never the case with HID lamps. Other types of LED, such as this LUMii BLACK fixture, give full spectrum light suited to both grow and bloom stages, which is not always the case with HID lamps. An LED Fixture gives a much more even spread of light across the canopy, whereas HID lighting must be reflected from a narrow central source – the lamp.

Q: At what height should I hang my LUMii BLACK LED Fixture?

A: We recommend that you should hang your fixture adjustably, using LUMii Rope Ratchets, and that you set the fixture at around 30-50cm (minimum 15cm) above the canopy, adjusting the height as your plants grow. If, for your plants, the light is too intense and the plants show signs of stress, raise the fixture a little, or select a lower power setting on the ballast.

Q: Where should I place the LUMii BLACK 600W Electronic Ballast to power the LED Fixture?

A: There are 2 options:

1.The Ballast may be fitted to the LED Fixture using the brackets and fixings supplied.2.The Ballast may be positioned remotely (up to 10M away) from the LED Fixture using an LUMii Extension/ Link Lead. Option 1 is simpler and requires no extra components. However, the heat emitted by the ballast will tend to contribute to the ambient temperature of the growing environment during the light / growing period of the day.

Option 2 requires the purchase of LUMii Extension/ Link Leads (refer to fixture instructions to select these), but if the ballast is positioned remotely then the heat management of the growing environment is easier, and the Ballast and LED Fixture can be controlled without entry to or disturbance of the grow room.

Weight 29.205 kg
Dimensions 132 × 59 × 15 cm

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