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Marinure Flourishing Flower

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Seaweed 2:1:2 (15) Solution with Trace Elements.

Ideal for Vegetable gardens, Cut flowers, Roses, Bulbs and Annual/Perennial/Bi-Annual flowering plants.
NPK enriched seaweed foliar solution to improved nutrition and health of plants.
Keeping gardens greener and colourful for longer throughout spring and summer.

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: Vegetable Garden, Cut Flowers, Roses, Bulbs and Annual/Perennial/Bi-Annual Flowering plants SFS is suitable for all types of spraying and watering systems.
Flourishing Flower is suitable for all types of spraying and watering systems including aerial spraying.
Flourishing Flower should be applied after stress periods in
order to assist with the recovery of the plant.

Seaweed Products

Metson@homeĀ® offers a range of seaweed concentrate and nutrient-based products, serving as natural plant food for both foliar application and soil enrichment. These products have been meticulously formulated to promote lusher and more vibrant gardens. Utilizing sustainably harvested seaweed, which has earned international accolades, Metson@home ensures that all of its offerings are steeped in quality.

The exceptional benefits of Metson@home products include enhanced germination, robust root establishment, enriched soil nutrient composition, improved flowering attributes, and heightened plant vitality. These seaweed-infused solutions are abundantly laden with essential minerals and trace elements, fostering the innate health of your garden in a truly organic manner. Importantly, they pose no harm to plants, birds, animals, or humans, and their natural aroma further contributes to their appeal.

Whether applied as a foliar spray or integrated into the soil, Metson seaweed products exhibit a gentle nature that safeguards against any burning of fruits, flowers, or foliage, provided they are administered in accordance with the recommended dosage rates.

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