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Mega Solution Nutrients Purple

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Mega Solutions contains all the nutrients your cannabis plants need to flourish throughout veg and flowering. Mega Solutions is unlike any other nutrients tailored for vegetables-it contains chelated micro-nutrients and is pH buffered. It is designed to be robust in different water sources,from soft water to hard water. Mega Solutions is easy to use, ratios stay the same throughout cultivation and it doesn’t require additional PK (Phosphorus\Potassium) or Cal-Mag and can be used in soil, soil-less, hydroponic, flood drain and DWC!

Purple formula

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MEGA nutrients help you succeed at providing your plants with the correct food for optimal growth. Mega Solution contains all the nutrients your cannabis plants need to flourish through veg and flowering.

Mix the contents according to the instructions to achieve “out of this world results”.
Water down to desired EC and adjust pH accordingly.
Mega Solution is a prescription blend produced by CannaPro.


Mega Solutions Nutrient Instructions

Mega Solutions Nutrient Instructions

Mega Solution Nutrients Instructions:


X-2ml/L – Y-2ml/L – Z – 2.5ml/L

Water down to desired EC:
0.5-0.7 seedlings
0.7-1.5 mature plants

X-2ml/L – Y-2ml/L – Z – 2ml/L

Should bring EC to 1.5 and adjust PH.


Weight 1.06 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 18 cm
Purple size:

1L, 5L, 25L

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