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Wild Spirit Mycelium CO2 Generator 1.2kg

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Wild Spirit Mycelium CO2 Generator Bag – 1.2kg
Wild Spirit Self-activate Mycelia bags increase grow tent photosynthesis and therefore increase fruit yields!

– 1 bag is adequate for a 1.8m3 tent.
– 3-4 months of CO2 production once activated!

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The Wild Spirit Mycelium CO2 Generator is a cost effective way of increasing CO2 levels in a small grow. Plants will thrive with extra levels of carbon dioxide increasing growth rate and yields.

Through the use of edible mushroom species, mycelium start to produce CO2 once activated. Carbon dioxide produced passes through the one way valve and into the grow room or tent. Plants are able to scrub the air of the extra CO2. Plants use the extra carbon dioxide to produce sugars through photosynthesis which increases. With an increased metabolism, plants are able to grow faster and stronger.

Directions For Use:
Activate the CO2 Generator by pulling out the yellow separator pin. Gently mix the mycelium spores with the growing medium and activation is complete. Hang the CO2 bag at the same height as the top of your plants.

The Wild Spirit Mycelium CO2 Generator is able to provide increased levels of CO2 to an area of 1.8m X 1.8m X 1.8m for up to 3 months. Weight – 1.2kg

With CO2 supplements, your extraction fan can stay off during lights on. Set your automation to switch on when humidity or temperature gets too high.

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 11 × 34 × 47 cm

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