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Orgasoilux Omega Mix Grow Medium 30L

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Orgasoilux is a premium organic artisan hand crafted living potting soil, tested by labs both nationally and internationally.
30L bag

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Orgasoilux organic living earth blend is a premium cannabis soil mix that has been in commercial production since 2011.

The soil has evolved throughout years of rigorous testing in all growing environments including indoor, greenhouse & outdoor. The quality of the soil blend has been laboratory tested both locally at Bemlabs & SGS and also internationally at Logan Labs in the United States.

Using scientific data and analysis, our soil has been balanced with various organic minerals and nutrients to ensure that the macro/micro nutrients and trace elements work synergistically with the soil’s microbiology and substrates.

The soil has been designed for:
growing boutique quality cannabis
fast growth in indoor, greenhouse and outdoor environments
maximum terpene and cannabinoid production
heavy yields
pest resistance
microbial biodiversity
continuous use

User Instructions:
Seeds can be sown directly into Orgasoilux. (Add mycorrhizal fungi underneath the seed when sowing)

Clones, young plants and established plants can be transplanted directly into Orgasoilux, be sure to use mycorrhizal fungi when transplanting.
After transplanting add a layer of mulch on top of the soil and water.
Outdoor plants can be watered once a day during Spring and the early stages of the plant’s life.

As the plant and its roots grow, the plant may require watering twice a day.
Indoor plants can be watered every second day during the early stages of its life and once a day towards the end of the plant’s life cycle. (Be careful of overwatering in the early stages)


The soil has been amended with many minerals and nutrients which will sustain the plant’s nutritional requirements for some time. For those wanting to use an organic liquid nutrient feeding program you may begin after the second week of the vegetative growth cycle.

Our own organic liquid feeding chart is available online.
For those wanting to not use commercially made organic liquid nutrients and grow with a “water only” method. We recommend using actively aerated compost tea and fermented liquid products. When using the “water only” method it is import to use large volumes of soil, each cultivars nutritional requirements are different and container size, plant size and age dictate how much nutrition the plant needs.

A rough guideline for water only container size would be a 30-60L container per plant for a 3 month life cycle (1 month of vegetative growth and 2 months of flowering).

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 64 × 38 × 15 cm

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