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Parafilm 100mm x 38m

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Parafilm is most commonly used for sealing and protecting vessels such as test tubes, cuvettes, and petri dishes. Since Parafilm is both stretchy and self-sealing, it is easily used on lab containers of all shapes and sizes.
Many uses in the lab and outside the lab in horticulture, agriculture, mushroom growing and even airbrushing.

Box of 38 meters.

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– Small pieces of this film will seal test tubes, beakers, flasks, culture tubes, etc
– Made of a semi-transparent, flexible and waterproof material
– Resistant to most acids and alcohols yet is gas permeable
– 100mm width

PARAFILM stretches up to 200% and clings even around irregular shapes and surfaces. The sealing film is free of plasticizers and consists primarily of polyolefins and paraffin waxes. PARAFILM M is resistant for up to 48 hours against many polar substances, eg saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions.

Protect the integrity of research applications with a tight moisture barrier that holds a strong seal and doesn’t release from glassware, despite off-gassing
Reduce the risk of tampered data with a covering that is odourless, colourless and semi-transparent
Prevents moisture and volume loss due to material composition and tight seal
Flexible and self-sealing material allows it to cling around irregular shapes and surfaces
Stretches more than 200% of the original length
Resistant for up to 48 hours against many polar substances such as saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions


Oxygen: (ASTM 1927-98) 150 cc/m² d at 23°C and 50% RH
Carbon Dioxide: (Modulated IR Method) 1200 cc/m² d at 23°C and 0% RH
Water Vapor: (ASTM F1249-01)
Flat: 1 g/m² d at 38°C and 90% RH
Creased: 1 g/m² d at 38°C and 90% RH

Effects of Common Reagents
Potassium Permanganate
5%: No apparent effect except permanent dark brown colouration in 18 hours
0.1%: Same as 5% except slightly less colour
Iodine solution (0.1N)
No effect except staining brown in 18 hours
Ethyl Alcohol (95%)
No apparent effect except some face whitening in 24 hours
No apparent effect in 24 hours:
Hydrochloric Acid conc. (12N) dil. (5N)
Sulphuric Acid conc. (36N) dil. (5N)
Nitric Acid conc. (16N) dil. (5N)
Sodium Hydroxide conc. (22%)
Ammonium Hydroxide conc. (28% NH<sub>3</sub>)
Salt (NaCl) solution (20%)
Isopropyl Alcohol (99%)

Not recommended for use with chlorinated, non-polar aliphatic and aromatic solvents
Film becomes soft and sticky at about 130° to 150°F (54° to 66°C)

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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