An organic solvent for plant and herb extraction.
Breaks down plant cell walls to obtain key ingredients within the cells.
Fully Denatured. Efficient at extracting terpenes and other valuable compounds.

Typical extraction:
Cover plant material with PlantExtract in suitable bowl.
Stir and let it stand for 5 minutes up to 12 hours.
Strain though cheesecloth or muslin.
Heat the liquid at low heat to evaporate the ethanol slowly.
Make sure there are no open flames, ethanol is highly flammable!
Once the ethanol is evaporated, store your extract in clean container.
* Do your own research

Ethyl Alcohol
99.9% Purity

Denatured alcohol cannot be ingested, as it may cause vomiting and/or death.
Highly flammable.
Handle with care.
Store in cool, dark place.
Keep away from children.

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1L, 5L, 25L


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