The PLANT!T Gemini is a 1 plant recirculating hydroponic system. Plants are suspended over a tank of nutrient solution and oxygen is drawn into the nutrient by the flow-ring, ensuring great growing results. The beauty of this system is that it’s designed for long term plants or specimens like monster tomatoes, chillis, peppers or cannab.

The nutrient solution is pumped through the clay pebbles, via a flow-ring, direct to the roots of the plant. This draws vital oxygen into the nutrient solution as it works its way to the plant roots and ensures great growing results.

The PLANT!T Gemini is supplied with a floor insert giving you the option to decide on the amount of media you use. You can use the insert and less media, giving greater tank volume. OR you can remove the insert and increase the media volume. The choice is yours!


Great yields – better than hand watering, as more nutrients are provided to the roots
Uses far less water than traditional pot grown soil plants
Flexible – plants can be moved around as each PLANT!T® Gemini is a standalone system
Better results – rapid growth and much bigger yields than soil-grown plants up to 3x faster than soil.
Approx. W 347mm/D 357mm/H 447mm
Comes with a pump, fittings & 10L of clay pebbles.

Dripper systems using clay pebbles provide a highly stable and airy environment for superb root growth and incredibly fast growing plants. Meanwhile, DWC systems are an incredibly space efficient way to grow where the main root-growth zone is actually the system reservoir itself. Plant!t have now combined the best of both worlds with their new Plant!t Gemini Dripper/DWC Combo system! With a dripper system on the top and a DWC system below, you get the fantastic growth and yields you would expect from the best dripper systems while still utilising the valuable reservoir space below for roots to grow in to. Sleek, stylish, high yielding, space-efficient and superb value-for-money, the Plant!t Gemini looks set to become the new standard in single-plant hydro systems!

How the Plant!t Gemini System Works
The Plant!t Gemini is a grow-system with a real difference. It can be configured in one of 2 different ways – either as a dripper-only system or as part-dripper, part-DWC system! The Plant!t Gemini Dripper/DWC system consists chiefly of an 18 litre grow-chamber which sits partly inside a reservoir-chamber. A water pump and flow-ring delivery system transports the nutrient solution from the reservoir to the top of the grow chamber.

The Plant!t Gemini grow-chamber can either be completely filled with clay-pebbles to make a dripper only system OR the grow-chamber can be separated into 2 halves with the supplied floor insert. When the grow-chamber is split with the floor insert, we recommend an airstone is placed in the lower half to turn it into a DWC chamber. The top half is then filled with clay pebbles to work as a dripper system. The choice of whether to run it as a dripper-only system or to run it as a dripper + DWC combo system is left up to you!

Weight 11.655 kg
Dimensions 36 × 35 × 37 cm


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