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Pump Up Compression Sprayer – 5L

R320.00 incl VAT

Spritz plants efficiently with this sprayer. Simply pressurise the bottle using the handy pump lid and spray!

The handle features an on/off trigger to allow a constant stream of nutrients and water. An adjustable nozzle allows growers to choose between a fine mist or a more direct spray.

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The 5lt Pressure Sprayer is a larger general purpose compression sprayer for garden and home use. A larger sprayer is handy when your plants require more than a liter or two’s worth of foliar feeding or pest control in one application. If foliar applications are made easy by having the right equipment available – more foliar applications will take place – and their positive effects will be enjoyed when harvest time comes around!

  • Large filling mouth for easy pouring and cleaning
  • Powerful pump mechanism pressurizes easy and fast in a smooth action, using the carrying handle to pressurize the sprayer’s contents
  • Ergonomic valve handle adjusts easily and features a locking mechanism for continuous spraying
  • Spray nozzle is adjustable, enabling anything form a direct jet to a fine spray application
  • Sprayer body includes an integrated pressure release valve for easy decompression
  • Sprayer comes with a shoulder strap for effortless mobility while spraying crops

Usage tips:

  • Add 2/3rds of final amount of water first, then your additives. Then add the last 1/3rd of water to the sprayer. This is helpful when using foamy additives and will help prevent accidental clogging of the suction straw inside the sprayer when working with gunky additives
  • Always shake the sprayer well before first use and after idle intervals between spraying
  • Do not OVER pressurize
  • Always do a test spray first, in a safe area away from plants to dial in nozzle setting and to clear out the contents of the suction straw and nozzle hose.

5lt Pressure Sprayer Maintenance tips:

  • Most of the sprayer’s working parts rely on lubrication to function properly – these parts will be lubricated from the factory, but will dry out over time. Try to keep your sprayer as clean as possible during use and storage, to prevent dust, dirt and debris from entering the sprayer.
  • These parts (in the photos below) can be cleaned and serviced periodically (when performance starts to diminish) and re-greased with a food safe grease or even petroleum jelly.

5lt Sprayer Maintenance 03

5lt Sprayer Maintenance 02

5lt Sprayer Maintenance 01

Weight 3.762 kg
Dimensions 44 × 19 × 18 cm

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