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ROOT!T 60 Cell Propagation Humidity Dome Set

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The Rootit Large Propagation and Cloning Dome is great for rooting cuttings as well as for propagating, cloning, germination and young seedlings.

1x ROOT!T Cloning Tray
1 x ROOT!T Clear Cloning Lid
1 x Insert Tray with 60 holes
* Plugs Not Included

57 x 37 x 20cm

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The Root!t 60 Cell Propagator has two vents for humidity control. Made from durable plastic, it’s perfect for germinating seeds or the propagation of cuttings.

The Root!t 60 Cell Propagator features a ridged base tray allowing water to drain away and the sponges to retain the correct amount of moisture.

The holes in the base of the insert will allow you to easily push up the sponge without damaging the plantlet or roots.

The adjustable vent allows for controlling humidity.


Length – 57cm
Width – 37cm
Height – 20cm

A good cutting is between 7 and 10cm long. A green flexible stem will give you the best chance of successfully cloning your plants. With a clean, sharp blade or pruner, cut at a 45° angle. Place cuttings immediately in water submerging the cut. Dip each cutting into the rooting gel covering the bottom 1cm and especially the wound. Place the fresh cutting into a rock wool cube, Jiffy pellet or Jiffy Glue plug and into your Root!t 60 Cell Propagator.

Keep the vents closed for the first 3-4 days after cuttings are placed into the propagator. Open the dome at least twice a day for 1 min for fresh air. From day 5-6 the vent can be opened slightly and lid removed 4-5 times a day for 1-2 mins. Roots will emerge from day 7-9. Harden clones off by slowly adjusting them to their new environment.

Rooting/Cloning Tips:

Foliar applications of kelp 2 weeks prior to cutting can aid in root development.
Take cuttings later in the day rather than early in the morning.
Dissolve a small amount of rooting gel in ph 5.5 water and use this to expand or soak plugs in.
Temps around 24 degrees are best for striking roots.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 60 × 38 × 21 cm

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