These rope ratchets are sold in pairs.
Holds reflectors, carbon filters, light fixtures, and ventilation equipment.
Extremely useful when adjusting heights of reflectors. These handy units will definitely save you time and hassle.
Suited for any size reflectors, including large reflectors.

Rope ratchet hangers are the simple and secure way to hang items in your grow room or grow tent.

The hangers are supplied with hook fixings on either end to ensure quick and simple installation in a grow tent. If you are using a room to grow instead of a grow tent, then install a few ceiling fixings to hook the rope ratchet hangers on to, hook the other end to your growing equipment, and that’s it; your fan, filter, grow light, or whatever else you may be hanging will be secure and supported.

Rope ratchet hangers allow you to move your growing equipment with ease and offer much more support than other hanging equipment like easy-rolls, and if you are planning on using heavier growing equipment such as large reflectors or carbon filters, then we highly recommend them.

Weight 0.234 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 5 cm


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