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Samsung Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Quantum Board 220W

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Discover the latest in plant cultivation technology with our 220W Samsung LED Grow Light. Whether it’s summer or winter, this cutting-edge LED grow light ensures your seedlings and plants receive the essential light they need for optimal growth. By converting captured light into vital sugars through photosynthesis, your plants thrive year-round.

Key Features:

  • Full Spectrum Lighting: The Samsung quantum board LED grow light emits a balanced blend of white and far-red light, crucial for photosynthesis, vegetative growth, and flowering.
  • Blue and Red Optimization: Designed to provide more blue (cool) light for foliage and root growth, as well as red (warm) light to stimulate flowering.
  • Cost-Effective and Reliable: Enjoy long-term cost savings without compromising on quality or peace of mind.
  • Easy Installation: This finished lamp is hassle-free to set up.
  • Enhanced Heat Dissipation: A larger heatsink ensures better thermal management.
  • High-Quality Driver: Dependable performance for your indoor garden.
  • Slim Design: Fits seamlessly into any space.

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Keep your plants growing at a steady rate with the 220W Samsung LED Grow Light. LED grow lights are the latest way to grow your seedlings and plants, regardless of the season. The Samsung LED Grow Light ensures that your seedlings and plants receive all the necessary light they require in order to perform photosynthesis in any season, by converting the light they capture into sugars which are necessary for optimal growth.

The Samsung quantum board LED grow light  collectively produces the full spectrum white and far red light which is essential for plant photosynthesis, vegetative growth, and the flowering of plants indoors. They’re optimized to give off more blue (cool, stimulates foliage and root growth) and red (warm, stimulates flowering) light, which are the ends of the light spectrum that most plants utilize during the growth cycle. This combination results in a product which is cost effective in the long run while providing quality lighting, reliability and peace of mind to those starting out on their growing journey.

The Samsung LED Grow Light is optimized for growing a wide variety of plants indoors, ensuring leaves grow stronger and flowers become  more bright and beautiful. Whatever your requirements, this product provides the optimal indoor growing environment for your plants to thrive.


  • It is a finished lamp, not a kit, very easy to install
  • Larger Heatsink, for better thermal solution
  • More LEDs used, to make sure each LED works at suitable power and temp levels
  • High quality Driver
  • Full  Light Spectrum for better growth results
  • Slim Design in Structure

Technical Specifications:

  • Wattage: 220W
  • Size: 600*240*58*
  • Weight: 3.5KG
  • Light Output: 2.7µmol/J
  • IP Grade: IP63
  • Lifetime: >50,000 hrs


  • LOWER RUNNING COSTS & HIGHER-QUALITY YIELDSThese LED Grow Lights utilize the latest in high yielding LEDs technology today-Samsung LM301B diodes, high Energy Efficiency with 2.7 umol/J, create the better canopy light penetration. It only consumes 220w, running 50% less power than the HPS or Blurple lamps, and still was 50% more harvest. Veg footprint is 0.91 x 1.2 meters, Flowering footprint is 0.6 x 1.22 meters.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL GROWTH STAGES: Excellent full spectrum- white, blue, red and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm and IR 760nm). 3000K diodes providing more reddish light and the 5000K providing more blueish. The 660nm red and IR light is especially useful during bloom, where it speeds up flowering time and boost yields. Turn your seeds into your own supply. And the light looks fairly natural , so it’s good for accurately monitoring plant health.
  • WELL MADE & SOLID CONSTRUCTION: No Fan Noise Free. High Safety performance MEAN WELL Driver, Fair Waterproofing. Update board is thick and sturdy, doesn’t put out a tremendous amount of heat, high-quality protective covers for cables; User-Friendly Packaging. Quality components mean the light lasts longer, but they also save you money.
Specification 220W
Spectrum 660-665nm,3000K,5000K, IR 760nm
Par Value 527umol/S
Coverage Veg: 0.91 x 1.2 meters

Flower: 0.6 x 1.22 meters.

Lumen 34500Lm±5%@AC120V



Power draw 220.3W±5%@AC120V



Light Size 648. x 268 x 59 mm
Package Size 723 x 308 x 115 mm
Gross Weight 4.642KG
DB 0dB
Input Voltage AC100-277V
Amp 1.673A@AC120V



Frequency 50-60HZ
WaterProof IP65
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 68 × 30 × 10 cm

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