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Sea Rock Liquid Kelp Fertiliser 1L

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Sea Rock contains a powerful plant hormone known as auxin, it is responsible for root and shoots development. Plants absorb water and nutrients more efficiently when exposed to Auxins, improved canopy size and root structure result in stronger faster-growing plants.
Ecklonia Maxima contains micro, and macronutrients, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). The full range of amino acids. Natural growth hormones, auxins, and cytokinins which are present, are easily taken up by land plants.
When applied to the soil the quality and structure of the soil improve over time. As this product decomposes vitamins, plant hormones, and a broad spectrum of macro and micro-nutrients are released; these nutrients release slowly and are long-lasting plant food that promotes soil health.

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Sea-Rock liquid kelp is made from wet Ecklonia maxima, a seaweed suspension containing auxins for use on various crops, which goes through a milling process to produce a smooth green organic plant stimulant that is compatible with most fertilizer regimes. Liquid kelp stimulants have a growth effect on plants, increasing root growth and mass, resulting in a stronger, healthier plant producing a more significant yield.

The natural chelating agent assists with relief of transplant shock & promotes overall plant health

The benefits of Sea-Rock liquid kelp:

– Increased nutrient uptake.
– Promotes stronger root and plant growth.
– Excellent for new plants, seedlings, and transplants.
– It contains all the naturally occurring substances and natural plant growth stimulants found in seaweed. It improves disease and pest       resistance. Improved water retention.

Directions for use:

Sea Rock is readily taken up by the plant and is formulated for use as both a foiler feed and as a soil drench.

It will be advisable to do a miscibility test before mixing Sea Rock with other chemicals.

The rate of application is dependant on the plant growth stage, stress levels and reaction required. The lower feeds should be used for maintenance while the higher feeds will enable the crop to overcome severe stress periods.

Sea Rock should preferably be applied in the early morning or late afternoon.

Sea Rock is not an extract, but a suspension of Ecklonia maxima which includes all the natural plant growth stimulants, and other occurring substances and stimulants in seaweed. Sea Rock may be used in a 7 to 14-day cycle, during the period of high plant stress, germination, transplanting, bud formation, fruit set, rapid development and during the period when low temperatures are problematic.

Typical Analysis:

Nitrogen (N) 1.1g/kg – 1.1g/L
Phosphorous (P) 96.4g/kg – 97.4g/L
Potassium (K) 1.3g/kg – 1.3g/L
Sulphur (S) 381.2mg/kg – 385mg/L
Biological Activity: Auxins 0.287mg/L

Registered Group 2 fertilizer (B5116, Act 36 of 1947) Certified organic and can safely be used in organic farming.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 7 cm

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