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Silicote Surfactant Wetting Agent

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A surfactant with a 100% organosilicone composition used as a powerful wetting agent in aqueous spray mixtures. Organosilicones are non-ionic wetting agents that lower surface tension of aqueous mixes.

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Polyether Modifi ed Trisiloxane 1000 g/kg



Silicote acts as a compatibility aid for certain spray solutions that requires enhanced wetting and uniform


Use only as directed.
It is advised to always conduct a miscibility test prior to mixing with other chemicals in order to ensure homogeneity of the intended
spray mixture as well as ensuring that mixing and spray equipment has been cleaned in accordance with the cleaning directions
on the said agrochemical remedy. Pesticide manufacturers may recommend a rate of non-ionic surfactant to be used with their
product. Follow the pesticide label recommendations on the use of the surfactant. However, if the label does not contain specifi c
recommendations for the surfactant use, Silicote is recommended at the dosage rates explained below, unless the label contains
a specifi c warning against the use of non-ionic surfactants.


Shake well before use. Always ensures the exact measurement of Silicote is added to the intended
spray mixture. Always fi ll the spray tank at least 2/3 full of water. Always add Silicote last to the spray mixture and agitate thoroughly
prior to spraying. If foaming is anticipated use a anti-foaming agent before adding the pesticide and Silicote. For optimum results,
it is recommended never to apply Silicote as a concentrate. Also consult with your agronomist should crop specifi c programmes or
any other information required about the application of Silicote as excessive wetting on certain crops may result in spray damage.
Ensure that the spray equipment is clean after applying the spray mixture to prevent residues to remain behind.

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