Slugs Away Barrier Tape from Defenders® is a simple and effective way of protecting plant pots, greenhouse stagings, raised beds and coldframes without using poison or chemical controls.

When slugs and snails contact the tape a reaction between the mucous and copper produces a tiny electrical charge which discourages crossing.

Key Information:

  • Single-use copper tape creates a natural barrier that’s ideal for use around plant pots, greenhouse staging and planters.
  • Poison-free and easy to use.
  • 4-metre pack with adhesive packaging.

Useful Information:

Coverage Protect up to 12 x 5 inch pots.
Application Apply at planting before any leaf damage is evident, to deliver maximum protection. Clean & dry the surface of the pot or planter before applying the copper tape. Peel of the protective paper to expose the adhesive backing. Stick in a complete circle around the pot or planter. Trim back overhanging branches or leaves that could enable slugs & snails to gain access to the protective zone. Wipe clean the surface of the copper tape from time to time to help ensure it continues to discharge electric.
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 10 × 16 cm


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