Garland Soil pH Test Kit

These handy kits will help give you an idea of what the pH value of a soil or substrate is, without having to buy expensive soil pH meters. The 2-test kit offer 2 soil pH tests.

When buying new plants for an established or new garden, it is important to test the pH of your soil to ensure the acidity levels are correct. Your soil’s pH may be quite different in various parts of your garden, and therefore each area that you intend to plant should be tested.
pH and your soil:
pH describes how acid or alkaline a soil is. A reading of pH7 is neutral, above means chalky, alkaline soil, whilst readings below pH7 down to pH4 indicate an acidic soil.
Plants vary in their preferences towards a high, neutral or low pH and you can see at a glance what your plants prefer in the included Plant pH Preference list ( 25-test has a much more detailed list ). By using a pH soil testing kit you can now decide either to alter your soil or whether to buy plants which are suitable for the type of soil you already have. Altering the pH of a soil or substrate does take time, so do not expect a sudden in your readings – rather work steadily towards giving your plants ideal conditions over time. After amending the soil, test the soil pH level again in 30 days.

How to check your soil:
Take a sample of the soil from about 10cm below the surface. Remove cap from tube, taking care to not spill the powder within. Add the soil to the powder up to the first line. Add water (preferably boiled) to the fourth line. Replace cap and shake thoroughly. Allow soil to settle. Compare the colour of the liquid solution to the pH chart.

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