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Sonoff TH Elite 16Amp Temperature and Humidity Switch THR316D

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SONOFF TH Elite is a Smart Temperature and Humidity monitoring switch. With an LCD screen, TH Elite keeps monitoring the temperature and humidity in real-time, once they reach your preset threshold or the device’s on/off state changes, you will receive the push notification on the phone. Support to connect 16A Max high load equipment like humidifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, lights etc.

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Introducing the Sonoff TH Elite 16 AMP with Dry Contact and LCD Screen. (Sensors sold separately)

The Sonoff TH Elite is the enhanced iteration of the Sonoff TH16, offering advanced features such as an LCD screen and a dry contact output. This smart temperature and humidity monitoring switch is powered by the ESP32, delivering accurate readings with real-time monitoring capabilities.

With TH Elite, you gain precise insights into temperature and humidity levels in real-time. Receive timely push notifications on your smartphone when your preset thresholds are met or when the device’s on/off status changes. The device also securely stores 6 months of temperature and humidity historical data, broken down to hourly intervals.

Harness the power of smart scenes, allowing you to set triggers based on temperature, humidity, on/off states, and execute corresponding actions including on, off, and invert commands. Seamlessly integrate Sonoff devices into Home Assistant for comprehensive control and automation via the eWeLink add-on.

Upgrade your conventional thermostat to a smart solution with TH Elite. Monitor temperature and humidity effortlessly while enjoying the benefits of easy control and automation.

The sensor connector has undergone an enhancement, now utilizing the RJ9 standard. This upgrade ensures stable and reliable connections, supporting hot-plugging for added convenience.

Extend the reach of your Sonoff temperature and humidity sensors with the RL560 sensor extension cable. Whether it’s the THS01, DS18B20, or MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor, these extensions allow for distances of up to 60 meters for THS01 and DS18B20, and 10 meters for MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor.


Key Features:

  • Supports up to 16A Max Load & Dry Contact Output
  • LCD Screen provides real-time temperature and humidity data updates, refreshing every 5 seconds
  • 6-Month Temp & Humidity Historical Data available by hours, days, and months. Historical data can be exported in .xlsx format, accurate to the hour.
  • Local Automatic Control with LAN support, offering reliable and energy-efficient control. Create up to 8 automatic control programs to optimize electricity usage and enhance comfort.
  • Voice Control and Query compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Retrieve temperature and humidity values using voice commands.

*For cable connection, ensure that cable tips are properly soldered or crimped onto electrical lugs before insertion into the device.


Temperature and Humidty Sensor:
Sonoff Temp and Humidity Sensor THS01 – RJ9 Connector

Sensor extension:
Sonoff 5M Sensor Extension Cable – RJ9 Connector RL560

20A Controller version:
Sonoff TH Elite 20Amp Temperature and Humidity Switch THR320D

16A Controller version:
Sonoff TH Elite 16Amp Temperature and Humidity Switch THR316D

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Dimensions 7 × 11 × 4 cm

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