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Sporekill Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger

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A broad spectrum, ready to use aerosol for general disinfectant.
Easy to use disinfectant total release aerosol fogger.
Complete release of dense cloud of fogging solution to disinfect all surfaces in contaminated facilities.
Many uses from cold room
400ml. Covers 35m3.

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Sporekill Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger is a ready-to-use specialized formulation of the highly effective disinfectant Sporekill in a pressurised can, which, once triggered will completely empty, resulting in a very fine aerosol mist to disinfect any closed area of approximately 35 m’ per aerosol can. Examples of such closed areas in the agricultural industry include (but not limited to) the following after the area is cleared from any food stuff, animals & humans:

• inside of trucks transporting food stuff
• coldrooms
• fruit & vegetable & food packing facilities
• fruit & vegetable degreening & ripping rooms
• storage & sample rooms
• germination chambers
• misting &growing chambers
• greenhouses
• transport containers
• laboratories & sporulation chambers
• food processing areas
• BA & CA storage room for pome fruit


Use only as directed.
• Shake container before use.
• Remove humans/animals/produce/plants/feedstuff and fodder from space to be treated.
• Highly flammable: Put off all electronics and extinguish all flames before use.
• Protect food utensils and packaging materials from direct exposure (cover with paper/plastic sheet).
• Pre-clean dirty surfaces with an appropriate detergent, rinse and dry. Efficacy of disinfectant will be compromised if surfaces are soiled.
• Place the canister on a solid surface in center of area to be treated, or evenly distribute canisters if more than one is required, open cupboards, close all windows and doors, seal any openings. Fogger can be placed on a raised surface if area is higher than 4 m.
• Activate the fogger and leave the area immediately.
• Allow 60 min for the aerosol to disperse and settle before re-entry.
• Re-introduce animals/produce/plants only after fumes have cleared.
• Thoroughly rinse or wash treated linen and clothing, that will have skin contact during use, to remove disinfectant residues.
• One canister will disinfect ~35 m3 from fungi and bacteria, including spores.

Active ingredient: Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride

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