The Black Brandywine tomato is an indeterminate with the general consensus—despite its contentious origins—being that it is of an heirloom variety. These medium-to-large beefsteak fruits have a purplish hue and an oblate shape, with a firm slicing texture and a juicy core.

This tomato ripens late, taking about 90-100 days to reach full maturity.

It is a firm, fleshy, and juicy tomato. Its flavor has been described as a “classic tomato taste”, a decedent, well-balanced combination of smokey and sweet, making it a great complement to sandwiches and burgers and an excellent component for salsas.

This plant likes its space—usually up to 1,2m in span! If you have a trellis, space the plants 60cm apart; if you intend to let the plants spread their vines out, then space them about 1,2m apart. They average in height usually around 1.5m, but occasionally grow even taller, so it is recommended to have a cage or trellis handy that will help train them up as they grow!

Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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