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Tomato – Cherokee Purple Beefsteak – Heirloom Seeds

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Cherokee Purple produces large, oblate, slightly ribbed beefsteak tomatoes around 200-400grams each. Purple fruits with a green neck. Rich, deep, sweet tomato flavour. This is an indeterminate, vining variety of tomato growing to about 200cm in height and spreads some width-wise depending on how much of the suckers are pruned and the choice of staking and support. Derives from the Cherokee-tribe in Tennessee, around 1890.

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Plant Type Indeterminate Vining Tomato
Fruit Type Large Beefsteak Tomato
Color Purple
Development Time 80 Days – Mid Season

Indeterminate tomato varieties will keep on growing the whole summer until the autumn frost. They will keep flowering and setting fruit. The sucker doesn’t have to be pruned, but if not the plant will grow extremely large. 1-3 suckers could be spared along the main stem and the rest could be pruned. If not pruned at all the plant might tend to put energy into growing large instead of producing tomatoes on the main stem and the selected suckers. All indeterminate varieties could be staked or supported to avoid fruits laying on the ground.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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