This variety comes with a bit of a harsh reputation. Said to be so acidic that they are only good for sauces. I disagree and feel that though they have a bright acidity to them, they aren’t that bad and surely have a place in the garden, As the name suggests they are from Asia and they are mostly incorporated into sauces and cooking where more acidity is required. They have a lovely crunchy texture to them and have a lot of meat to work with. One of the most productive varieties from the past season and they’ll be in your harvest basket every time you go out to pick tomatoes. The colour on these is mindblowing as the unripe fruit are pearly white coloured before ripening to the most beautiful pink! These are without a doubt a good contender for sauce making to bring that acidity that one needs, but also make great additions to dishes where tomatoes are added and the acidity combats and mellows some of the bolder flavour that in some cases overpowers the dish. To summarise, they are more acidic, but by no means bad, I would gladly choose these over other medium to small-sized varieties.

QTY : Min 25 Seeds

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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