Mode of Action

Real Trichoderma grows endophytically and thereby enhances the plants Sytemic Acquired Resistance and Induced Systemic Resistance while it out-competes pathogenic fungi for biological space. Real Trichoderma produces the enzyme chitinase, which dissolves the chitin in the nematode egg and thereby helps to control nematodes.

  • Fungicide, nematicide and Biofertilser all in one
  • Enhanced systemic acquired resistance
  • Enhanced induced systemic resistance
  • Increased development of fine hair root system
  • Improved efficiency of nutrient uptake

Foliar Spray: 200ml/Ha. Soil Drench: 200ml/ha.


Real Trichoderma can be tank mixed with most crop protection chemicals.


Store in a cool, dark place, between 8 – 20 degrees C.

Weight 0.25 kg


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