The pH of your nutrient solution greatly affects the availability of nutrients within that solution!

If your pH which is too high or too low can cause deficiencies in essential nutrients that plants need in order to grow and can also negatively affect beneficial bacteria in your system or substrate.

Your pH electrode or pH meter’s performance will change with time due to aging because as the electrode is used, its coating degrades.
To ensure it is working correctly, regular calibration is a must.
If you are using your pH meter daily, you should calibrate it at least once a week.

To calibrate, use either VitaLink Buffer pH 4 or VitaLink Buffer pH 7. Using both of these buffer solutions will make your calibration more accurate.

When calibrating, it is necessary that your pH meter and your calibration fluid have the same temperature. To achieve this, place them in the same room several hours prior to performing calibration. The temperature of your solution will also affect the pH value

How to Use:

Pour a small amount into a container and hold your pH meter in the solution. Follow necessary instructions provided with your pH meter regarding calibration.

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