WeDryer Bubble Bag Extraction Set

The CBDry Wedryer extraction kit contains 5 all mesh extraction bags of a 20 liter volume

Micron meshes are as follows: 220, 160, 120, 73 and 25 microns

– Food grade nylon filter bags.
– Made of monofilament food grade nylon, conical in shape.
– Designed specifically to save time and labor.
– Laser cut, with triple reinforced stitching to increase your durability.
– Heat resistant up to 225ºC.
– Locking laces for easy handling.
– Includes 25 micron pressing screen, transport bag & instruction sheet.

* To ensure long lifespan of the WeDryer Bubble Bag Extraction Set, use buckets with the right diameter to fit bags easily. Do not stretch tops of bags over a bucket that is too large!

How it works:

When trichome-rich cannabis buds or trim are mixed and stirred vigorously in ice water, the cold liquid will separate the trichomes from the remaining plant material. This happens because trichomes are impermeable to water, while the plant matter that contains them is quickly and easily saturated.

The process of making bubble hash requires a large bucket to hold the ice, water, cannabis, and Wedryer extraction bags. Inside the bucket, dried cannabis buds or trim is sandwiched between layers of ice. The Wedryer extraction bags, which are used to filter out detached trichomes, are arranged progressively in sequence inside the bucket, ranging in size from fine (73-micron filtering capacity) to coarse (220-micron filtering capacity).

After the bucket is filled with is water, the mixture stirred vigorously inside the top Wedryer extraction bag with a large spoon or electric mixer for approximately 10-15 minutes. This process breaks a significant percentage of the trichomes loose, allowing them to pass through the screening mesh of the top Wedryer extraction bag, leaving only icy water and plant material behind. Then, the top bag is removed, the ice is refreshed, and the process is repeated. The process continues until all the bags are used, and the accumulated trichome mass (bubble hash) can be collected from the bucket.

How to video

Weight 1.26 kg
Dimensions 30 × 28 × 6 cm


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